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NOVIDIC Privacy Policy

May 2020


Our commitment to privacy is set out in this section. We collect, use and may disclose personal information on the terms and conditions set out in this Privacy Policy. This includes using your personal data and information to help us improve our products and services and getting in touch with you to let you know about goods, services or promotions that may interest you. Neither we nor you will use or disclose personal information, as defined within the Privacy Act (1998), of other parties unless that use or disclosure is necessary to deliver you our services or to fulfill obligations under this agreement, is otherwise agreed in writing between the parties, or is required by law.

Protecting your privacy

Universal Apps Pty Ltd (ABN 87622689794) trading as NOVIDIC (“NOVIDIC”, “we”, “our”, “us”) is committed to providing you (“your agency”, "organization",“department”, “office”) or your employees with the highest levels of customer service and to protecting your privacy. We are bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“Privacy Act”), which sets out a number of principles concerning the protection of your personal information known as the Australian Privacy Principles.

This privacy policy sets out the type of information we collect, how we use it and whom we may share it with. It may be amended from time to time and a current version is available here. This Privacy policy does not include any privacy policy related to our partners or third party service providers who may have a role in delivering our services to you.

NOVIDIC privacy policy is limited to the personal information gathered and processed by us through this website or by email , fax or phone related to this website and related services and shall not cover and protect any disclosure or abuse of your personal information which may be accessible or available to public or to be obtained by any other source rather than above mention method.


NOVIDIC is a software wholly owned by Universal Apps Pty Ltd and is consisting of the NOVIDIC compatible apps, the web based platform or websites. In this statement a reference to “related companies” means Universal Apps Pty Ltd and its subsidiaries, its partners and its third party service providers.

What personal information do we collect?

The personal information we collect and store may include your name, organization profile, credit report, registration or business numbers, tax numbers, contacts and addresses, emails, social media information, your banking related information, your staff and employees name and contacts, mobile numbers, email addresses, work-related information, occupation, , preferences for using our application and websites (including which pages you have visited and what you have clicked on, certificate and approvals , web log, computer, device and connection information, IP, , and (depending on the service) banking and credit card details.

What information do we disclose about you?

We may disclose the fact that you are a potential client ,a current or past client of us.

What information will NOT be disclosed to the customers?

We will NEVER disclose the following information in any circumstances:

  • Your mobile / phone number(s)
  • Your email address
  • Your IP
  • Nature of Your inquiry
  • We bear no responsibility should you provide such information directly to public or in case, media could have obtained such
  • Information through other sources or methods.

How do we collect personal information?

We collect personal information in a number of ways, including:

Directly from you through our application, platform, websites, via the phone, via application forms or when you download and use digital applications; when you visit our office or meet our agents.

From other parties (such as your representatives, credit reporting agencies, social media sites, our related companies, our syndication partners);

From publicly available sources;

From organizations identified under (“When do we disclose your personal information” see below);

From your friends or colleagues who are using our services,

From our own records of when you visit us online or where we have an online presence, (such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter); and When we are required by law.

This is not an exhaustive list of information we may collect or store as it may depend on the service or product being offered. If you don’t provide us with this information, unfortunately we may not be able to provide you with the service you require.

We usually collect personal information directly from you although sometimes we may use agents or service providers to do this for us. We may also get lists and business information that include personal information from other sources, both from other companies and from other public documents.

Why do we use your personal information?

Your personal information may be used to:

  • Verify your identity;
  • Provide our services;
  • Conduct credit checks , Due Diligence and to help prevent fraud;
  • Perform research and analysis aimed at improving our products, services and technologies;
  • Help us deliver better services and tailor those services to you;
  • Help us maintain and develop our business systems and infrastructure; and
  • Promote and market services and products to you (sometimes even after you leave us) either by us, or our related companies.

When do we disclose your personal information?

We may disclose your personal information to other organizations, but we’ll only do this in relation to us providing our services to you or as otherwise set out in this policy. We take all reasonable steps to maintain the security of your personal information and to protect it from unauthorized disclosures.

NOVIDIC has processes in place that require organizations to adhere to confidentiality obligations to protect your personal information.

These organizations may be based locally or overseas. They may carry out functions for us such as:

  • Customer inquiries;
  • Fulfilling your orders and inquiries;
  • Processing payments;
  • Billing and debt-recovery functions;
  • Information technology services;
  • Data verification services;
  • Market research; and
  • Website usage analysis.
  • In addition, we may disclose your personal information to:
  • Your authorized representatives or advisers (when requested by you to do so);
  • Credit-reporting and fraud-prevention organizations;
  • Our related companies;
  • Our professional advisers;
  • Government, regulatory authorities and other organizations, as required by law;
  • Organizations who manage our business and corporate strategies, including those involved in a transfer/sale of all or part of
  • Our assets or business and those involved in managing our corporate risk and funding functions; and
  • Our syndication and marketing partners.

When we share your information with a third party, we will require that the third party only use, store and disclose your information in a way that is consistent with this policy.

About our application, websites, IP addresses and ‘cookies’

When you use our application or visit our websites, our web servers record information such as the user name, IP, time, date, device and URL of the request. This information assists us to improve the structure of our websites and monitor their performance. Sometimes we also use third parties to analysis this information.

We may use ‘cookies’ or an equivalent on various websites and applications. A cookie is a small text file that our websites and applications use to store information on your browser or device. Usually, cookies are used so our websites and applications can remember your preferences and improve your online experience. We also use cookies for profiling purposes to tailor our marketing to users’ interests.

Sometimes cookies may collect and store personal information about you. We treat this information in the same way as any other personal information you provide. You can adjust your internet browser to disable cookies or to warn you when cookies are being used. However, if you disable cookies, you may not be able to access certain areas or experience the added features offered with the ennoblement of cookies.

We also collect and manage Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and device identifiers – the unique identifiers on your computer or device. It’s used for the purpose of providing Internet session management and to detect any misuse or fraudulent activities involving our application and websites.

NOVIDIC may use third parties to analysis usage statistics. Such analysis is performed using data collected from our websites and applications. This helps us to personalize and tailor our services to you.

Access to your personal information and privacy complaints

We take the protection of your privacy very seriously. So if you have any concerns, or you think your personal information is inaccurate or has been handled in a way that does’t comply with the Australian Privacy Principles, please send an e-mail to [email protected]. We’ll investigate and respond in writing within 30 days of receiving your complaint.

If we haven’t responded within this time, or you feel dissatisfied with our reply, please contact our office and we’ll let you know who can help.

Your Third Party information

You may have to provide us with third party information such as your contractors, suppliers contact details to enable us provide our services to you. We assume that you have permission from those third parties before disclosing such information to us. We recommend you check in advance with them to clarify on such cases, we bear no responsibility on any third party claims on privacy matters.

Further information

You can read more on privacy at the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner website.

To visit this website or further using our services, we assume that you have read, accepted and acknowledged all above mentioned privacy policy. Should you not agree on our terms and policy or are not happy with whole or some part of it, please retrain from using visiting this website or using NOVIDIC system.