• NOVIDIC Story


    NOVIDIC was developed by UNIVERSAL APPS PTY LTD , an Australian IT company during the Corona outbreak. Universal Apps is expert app developer for EPOS systems used in restaurants and hospitality industry. The idea for NOVIDIC basically came into picture when we learn we can easily detect customers in a restaurant or cafe using the current EPOS system called Menumiz™ which later developed into a standalone system dedicated to COVID-19 tracking for Health Care Agencies as NOVIDIC.

  • NOVIDIC Vision


    We fully believe that IT technology can play a big role in controlling a viral outbreak as mobile phones are as spread as a virus in our societies, hence we have to use this opportunity to fight back COVID-19.

    NOVIDIC is an effort to deliver a humanitarian service using technology and reduce the impact of COVID-19 outbreak on peoples lives and their businesses. If NOVIDIC could save only one life , then we have delivered what we have been looking for.

  • NOVIDIC Mission

    Our Mission

    We developed NOVIDIC when we learnt that governments struggle with contact tracking and have to put the task under the shoulder of businesses to collect visit information from people. We are sure the idea of writing names and contacts on a paper is just a waste of time, paper and ink.

    Our mission is not only to take over the task from businesses but also to analyse the data in our complex algorithm; allowing us to save lives. We are here to bring back the confidence in people and ensure quick responses to authorized healthcare agencies in fighting back COVID-19. We help people Leave homes!

  • NOVIDIC Technology


    We have put all our experience and knowledge to design a reliable system which is user friendlily and easy enough for an elderly woman who goes shopping and is as secure and reliable as Titanium for healthcare agencies and governments to use.

    All data on NOVIDIC is transmitted or stored using the latest encryption technology and methods.