Safe Business by NOVIDIC Quick Response Contact Tracing System



    Any individual who visits a place must scan the QR code being displayed at the entrance of the place. The users can either install and use the NOVIDIC related App or simply use mobile default scanner to scan the QR-code and log in to the system on mobile web browser. Users must only provide their mobile number, age-gender group at registration only. (users also can be registered in a place manually by the place employees should they don’t have a mobile device or data connection)


    Any property, building which people may enter as customers, patrons, visitors or employees is considered a place in the system. The management or owners of a place must register an account in NOVIDIC ( web & app) and generate QR codes assigned to gates, doors or entrances of the place and display them at the relevant location. The system is compatible with both static QR codes ( printing ) or dynamic QR codes (live display). They may also register a visit manually should the visitor has no mobile phone.


    The agency is the authorized body having access to generated data base of visits in the system. The agency consist of admins or agents. Admins have higher level of access and can search and red flag users or places. Agents can only chase red flag users and places as a subject or potential COVID-19 case.